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- 2008 Family Reunion

Memories of Our Grandparents

September 19, 2010, 10:58 pm - Miriam Sheffield

Ann Carter Jensen (Oldest granddaughter of John & Alice Carter)

Memories of John Carter

I remember always going out to grandpa's machine shed and watching him sharpening his tools.  In that shed was a wooden cowboy boot I liked very much, always wishing I could have that boot.  I was always fascinated with the way Grandpa worked with his tools.  Grandpa was always a great example and I loved him very much.

Memories of Alice Carter


Grandma Alice Carter was always full of fun.  She played "My Doggie Won't Bite You" and other games with us.  I always helped her with shelling peas, snapping beans etc. but the most important, was the talks we had together.  I loved her homemade bread and rolls. Grandma was a wonder and great example to me.  I loved giving her permanents and doing her hair.  I loved sleeping over at night.  Her singing was great.


Kayla Carter Robinson


Memories of John & Alice Carter


I remember staying over at Grandma & Grandpa Carter's as a young girl.  It was always fun spending time with them.  I remember how LARGE breakfast always was-mush, toast & jam, eggs, bacon.. it seems I was still full when lunch came around-fresh homemade bread, cheese, meat, more jam and butter, soup... It seems all Grandma did was wear an apron and cook-but her home was always clean and smelled delicious.  I remember when they moved from their home by Weber state to a home in our ward.  It was wonderful to ride my bike or walk to their home a lot! I remember Grandma being thrilled to have a basement.  She said when she needed to clean she could could just open the basement door and throw everything down there.  But her basement stayed clean and tidy as well... I guess she decided not to just throw everything downstairs.  It was fun playing with cousins in her yard or basement.  We always found fun things to do or talk about. We looked at Grandma's books or smelled geraniums dormant in the basement waiting for spring planting.


Cathie Carter Soutas


Memories of John & Alice Carter


Hot Rolls

Camping in Monte Cristo

How after my divorce, Grandma and Grandpa had me over for dinner. They just loved me, fed me, no questions-they were just there for me. It meant so much to me.

We had fun at Christmas and at sleepovers

A chore I did with Grandma was thingking I was helping Grandma make bread.

A tradition I remember was Christmas.


Judy Carter Sundwall


Memories of John & Alice Carter


I remember picking strawberries with Grandma Alice in their garden.  I remember her wonderful homemade rolls that were served at all family gatherings.  I loved the many family reunion/gatherings in their little house, where love radiated everywhere.  As children we loved playing hide and seek inside and out of their home. 

I loved watching Grandpa in his workshop and loved hit hot house.  We loved the little surprises under the Christmas tree every year for ALL of us.  They were wonderful, loving grandparents.


Sylvia Carter


Memories of John & Alice Carter

I spent alot of one on one time with Grandma and Grandpa. Some when I was in college and they lived across the street from campus.  I went over for lunch quite often adn we spent lots of time talking.  Grandma spent alot of time teaching me to crochet (not and easy task!)


One year a lot of us went to Yellowstone.  We had some great fun-I remember picnics in the park.  Grandma liked to help us watch the chipmunks.  grandpa told us some good campfire stories.  The thing I remember most is walking around some hot pools at Old Faithful.  There were some nuns coming the other way on the walkway.  Grandma said, " Here come the zeroes!"I remember being shocked because I'd never heard her say anything except positive things.


Julie Law Brunker


Memories of John & Alice Carter


I remember the day I got baptised, my mom had to work, so Grandma Carter was with me to help me dress and to change after.  The following day Grandpa Carter confirmed me during Sacrament meeting.  I'm so grateful for their wonderful example and being there when I needed them.  It made my day even more special.


ODille Carter


Memories of John & Alice Carter


What I remember about Mother & Dad Carter.  They showed so much love to each other.  It was especially tender when Dad's big hands would help Mother put up her hair.


Kristen Carter Davidson


Memories of John & Alice Carter


It was always fun at Halloween to trick or treat at Grandpa & grandma Carter's house.  I remember popcorn balls and graham crackers with chocolate frosting as a special treat.I remember Grandma Carter always used the orignal scent Jergens lotion.  Everytime I smell it I think of her.  I loved to go to Grandpa and Grandma's house at Christmas time.  We would visit,sing songs and Grandma would have her boiled raisin cake with carmel frosting and Hawaiian punch.  One of my most treasured possessions is a Christmas card mounted on a piece of wood that Grandpa gave me and Charles the 1st Christmas we were married.


Charles Davidson


Memories of John Carter


I remember Grandpa Carter would always go fishing in a boat that he made himself.


Miriam Carter Sheffield


Memories of John & Alice Carter


My favorite memory of my grandparents was going to their home once a week to help them when they were elderly and in failing health.  One day Grandpa asked me to read to him.  His eyesight wasn't very good then. I remember him sitting in his recliner in their little TV room.  Grandma sat next to me.  He asked me to read to him from the Book of Mormon. I read to him the Book of Enos. It speaks of Enos desiring the gospel to be brought to the Lamanites. I thought of how Grandpa and Grandma fulfilled that prophecy as they faithfully served missions to the Indian.  I always think of my Grandpa whenever I read Enos.


John Carter


Memories of John & Alice Carter


The fact that we still get together as the John & Alice carter family is a special tribute to our grandparents.  tehy exemplified love of family.  Visiting with Grandma and granpa on Sunday evening is always a fond memory of being with Grandma and Grandpa.  Hearing them tell of life experiences and mission stories from the reservation (Navajo).  Both Grandma and Grandpa had a wonderful sense of humor and being with them was just "fun".!  I loved Grandma's chocolate chip cookies because she made them with semi-sweet chocolate chips.  The special gift they gave all of us is each other and the associations we now share.  Their memory has now become one of our prized treasures!


Linda Carter Valentine


Memories of John & Alice Carter


I remember Grandma Alice Carter's homemade bread and cookies.  Her house always smelled of home cooking.  It was always full of love.  I think of Grandma when I look at pansies.  She taught me to see their little "faces."  She also made princesses out of the blossoms of hollyhocks for me.  Grandpa let me feed the lambs from bottles of milk.  We helped Grandpa gently pick his strawberries.  I remember family reunions in Grandpa & Grandma's lovely yard and listening to them tell about their childhood and their grandparents.


Jennifer Fritz

Memories of Shirley & Jack Carter

Sweet potatoes, 8 Track Stereo, Going to Farr's Ice Cream, Playing Go Fish-Button, Button, Going Camping, Doing Dishes, Family Get Togethers with KFC, Slippers That She Knitted


Erica Davidson Williams

Memories of Alvin & ODille Carter

Raisin Bread at Christmas, Going to Bear Lake, Camping at Bryce/Zions/Cedar Breaks, Visits to Florida with them twice. What I remember about my grandparents home-laugher, the smell, grandpa always having a project. One of my memories of one on one with my grandparents was before we moved to Florida we got to spend time and I just remember most the love my grandparents have for each of us. (going to the dump with my grandpa too)  We liked to play games as a family. Skipbo, Uno, Catch Phrase, Hand & Foot. Sleepovers on the 4th of July in the back yard. Raking leaves in the fall. Favorite traditions were Grandpa & Grandma's trips to Bear Lake and Christmas.  A special gift my grandparents gave me was $10 on my birthday and a bracelet on my 12th birthday.


Layne Carter


Memories of Grandpa Dick and Grandma Grace Carter


I remember staying at my Grandma dn Grandpa Carter's house as a young child.  In the mornings, I and my grandma would sit in front of the heater vent to warm up, and that vent would get very hot.  Then they would always make us breakfast, usually eggs, pancakes adn orange juice.  Christmas time was also my favorite time to go to their house.  They would have a tree in the basement and candy on the table.


Ferrel Carter

Memories of my grandpa & grandma Carter


My favorite food grandma made was her homemade bread. For vacation we went to Castello Hot Springs in Spanish Fork Canyon. My grandparents had a large home with many bedrooms upstairs.  Our family would play "Button-button-who's got the button?" I remember feeding the chickens and pigs.


Craig Sheffield

Memories of Everett Carter

Whenever Everett met someone new, the first thing that he would ask was "Who is your dad?". From this question Everett would find out if they had some family member that he knew to talk about.  This would provide something in common to talk about and to find out how their family was doing.


Jared Fridal

Memories of Alvin & ODille Carter


Christmas Peanut Brittle, Going to Bear Lake several times for vacation, Sliding down the carpeted stairs as kids, We loved playing "Jarts" in the backyard, "Zim-Zam" too. Raking leaves in the fall to get the yard ready for winter.


Nathan Sheffield

Memories of Everett Carter

Going to Grandpa's house. In the back yard there were 2 cherry trees.

Chad Sheffield

Memories of Everett & Mary Ellen Carter

They had a creek with water skeeters in it.

Brenna Fritz

Memories of Cathie Carter Soutas

Dripping Eggs(sunny-side up fried eggs)


Almina Carter Slaydon

"There was an old woman with a stick and a staff. Don't you dare smile and don't you dare laugh"

Grant Stewart

Memories of Ferrell Carter

Fried chicken, Vacation to Dallas Texas, Glass grapes, Going camping to Lake Powell, Playing Racko, Bear Lake, Christmas Party, Used books and pictures

Patty Slaydon

Memories of John & Alice Carter

Grandma's homemade bread and pot roast. We went to Yellowstone wtih Grandma and Grandpa. I remember taking naps in their bed in back , so peaceful!

Memories of Almina & Jim Slaydon

Food:Pork & beans with pineapple

Vacation:Remember the sand dunes?!!!

Grandparents Home: Playing office in the basement and darts and playing on the waterbed.

Games: Playing gin and and rook

We never left Grandma's house without talking something religion.






















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